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Advanced Aesthetic Procedures
(Blemish removal)

What are advanced aesthetic procedures?


At Bonds Aesthetics we use two main treatments to remove unwanted lesions.

These are CryoPen and Shortwave diathermy.

The CryoPen is an effective treatment against a variety of different lesions ranging from 1mm to 10mm.  These can include skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, warts and many more.   It allows for pinpoint accuracy, even around the eye area treating just the lesion and not the healthy surrounding tissue. 

The CryoPen is a comfortable and quick treatment which requires no down time

Short wave diathermy is a fast and effective treatment for Spider veins, blood spots, hyperplasia, seborrheic keratosis, skin tags, milia and many more.

Short wave diathermy emits an energy into the skin burning the cells.

Advanced Aesthetic Procedures at a glance...


15-45 Minutes 

Recommended Sessions 


Results after 

0-4 Weeks 

Price From 

From £55

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions short wave diathermy.


Is it painful?

There is a heat sensation with this treatment but numbing cream can be used when needed.

Will it leave a wound?

Yes, you will have a small wound after the treatment.  It will be essential to the keep the area clean and dry.  You can apply witch hazel or aloe vera after for comfort.

If this is a large lesion a hydrocolloid dressing may be applied.

Will it scar?

Your new skin will be pink to start with but this should improve over the first 3months

Can I shower straight after?

It is recommended not to clean the area for 24 hours and if it is on the face not to apply make up for 48-72 hours.  Direct heat from hair dryers, saunas, showers etc should be avoided for 48 hours.

What are the contra-indications?

  • Cancer

  • Fitzpatrick skin type IV V VI

  • Heart conditions

  • High blood pressure

  • Infectious conditions

  • Keloid scarring

  • Under 16

  • Pigmentation problems

  • Rosacea

Frequently asked questions for CryoPen.

When will I see results from the CryoPen?

You can see results after just 1 treatment.  The lesion will turn brown in colour and dry up eventually lifting off.


Will it scar?

Your new skin will be pink to start with but this should improve over the first 3months


Does it hurt?

This is a non-invasive treatment however, you may feel a tingling feeling sensation during the application/ straight after.


Are there any risks?

As with any treatment there are always risks, if used in the hair line it can prevent hair growth in the area treated.  Shards of ice can penetrate the area if treated for too long.


What are the contra-indications?

• Impaired sensation
• Impaired circulation
• Superficial nerves
• Open wounds
• Skin cancer
• Hypersensitivity to cold
• Cardiac disease.
• No moles should be treated unless approved and assessed by a medical physician.


Can it cause pigmentation changes?

Both hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation may occur after cryosurgery, generally last a few months, but can be longer lasting.

Will I need a follow up?

You will be offered a follow up in 2 weeks post procedure to review the wounds healing or repeat the treatment if required.

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