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What are Exosomes?

Salmon exosomes are small vesicles with significant roles in intercellular communication and tissue repair. E50 exosomes, specifically, are a subset defined by their size, relevant in various biomedical contexts.​

Exosomes are used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Increase hydration, cell regeneration and hair growth.

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30 - 60 Minutes 



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4 Weeks 

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From £300

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are E50 exosomes?

E50 exosomes are a specific subset of exosomes that are approximately 50 nanometers in size. They are involved in cell communication and carry various biomolecules such as proteins, lipids, and RNA.

How does exosome E50 therapy work?

In exosome E50 therapy, exosomes are isolated, purified, and potentially loaded with therapeutic agents. These exosomes are then administered to the patient, where they can deliver their cargo to specific cells, thereby exerting therapeutic effects.

What conditions can be treated with exosome E50 therapy?

Exosome E50 therapy is being researched for various applications, including regenerative medicine (e.g., tissue repair, wound healing).


How are exosomes for E50 therapy obtained? 

Exosomes can be isolated from cultured Salmon cells. They are then purified and prepared for therapeutic use.

What are the potential benefits of exosome E50 therapy?

Potential benefits include targeted delivery of therapeutic agents, reduced side effects compared to traditional therapies, and the ability to modulate cellular processes for tissue repair.  This inturn will reduce the signs of aging, firming the skin and increasing hydration.  Exosomes will also help with hair regeneration. 

How is exosome E50 therapy administered?

Exosome E50 therapy is administered through Micro-needling.

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