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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

What is skin PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a natural regeneration procedure which uses your own growth factors to improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and pigmentation.

Platelets are found in your blood and are full of Growth factors which help you to heal after an injury. Platelet rich plasma is concentrated blood plasma which therefore means more growth factors. This is  important to encourage tissue repair, development of new blood vessels, and wound healing.

Skin rejuvenation at a glance...


30 - 60 Minutes 



Results after 

4 Weeks 

Price From 

From £200 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Painful?

Before the treatment is started you face will be numbed using a topical anaesthetic cream. This will help with any discomfort felt.  You will feel a sensation but it should not be painful.

What can I expect during the treatment? 

Before you decide you want to go ahead with the treatment you will be booked into a free consultation where we will discuss your past medical history, any allergies and pros and cons of the treatment.  

You will be given some numbing cream to apply to the area 20-30 minutes before your appointment. 

A blood sample will be taken from your arm and put into a centrifuge to separate your red blood cells from your plasma.  

Your skin will be cleaned and the PRP will be injected into your skin. 

When can I wash may face after treatment? 

You should wait at least 24 hours 

When can I wear makeup?

Due to the multiple injection sites it is recommended to wait 48 hours before applying makeup to the skin.


What side effects can I expect? 



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